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4 year old with graves

hi my poor daughter was diagnosed with graves disease over a year ago. it took a year to get her levels from hyper to hypo. now her levels are slightly increasing so endo has increased carbimozale to 30mg and keeping her on 25mcg levo. of late she is holding her urine for too long. she went at 7.30pm night before last then didnt go until 2.45 pm the following day. it is not down to lack of drinking as she drinks a lot during the day. has anyone experienced this problem. her colour on her face is very pale also. the endo said her toileting is down to behaviourial issues but there is no way. it cant be doing her any good holding her urine for this long.

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For God's sake. This "blame the patient" attitude by doctors is well beyond a joke. It's one thing blaming an adult, but a 4 year old???? Is she seeing a paediatric endocrinologist? Somehow you need to find one who will treat your daughter as an individual human being. Have you asked for a referral to your nearest, major children's hospital?

I don't have children, but most 4 year olds I've known can't hold on to their urine even if they want to. When they have to go, they have to go.


You say she is pale, has she had her vitamin and mineral levels checked? Graves disease puts a huge increased demand on these things, which are already in great demand for a growing 4 year old.

Ask for B12, folate, iron, ferritin, vit D. Also a Coeliac screen would be a good idea.

The best B12 deficiency test for children is the urinary Methylmalonic Acid (uMMA), if you see a specialist ask them to test this along with Homocysteine. You can get a uMMA test here:


Symptoms in children can include the following:



poor you and poor her....it might be worth seeing a nutritionist who specialises in this, they may make some recommendations about a diet that is more supportive of her system - although when my daughter was four she was such a picky eater (still is!) ...... I wonder whether gut healing foods may help Graves symptoms and illness - but would get professional naturopath/nutritionist on case and insist on endo that is child specialist....x


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