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I keep getting a strange tightening in my stomach ....... Makes me feel winded

Has anybody else experienced anything like this? It feels very odd like my central muscles in my middle have all tightened up. It last for quite a while and makes me feel a bit breathless. It's odd. I first noticed it a couple if weeks ago when I took the dog for a walk. I thought maybe it was because it was cold. My stomach muscles just tightened only that time it was more lower abdominal.

Also, I've also started to feel shaky again when I take my ERFA in the morning. About an hour afterwards I begin to feel a bit anxious and trembly. I'm definitely not over medicated. Do you think that maybe my adrenals have crashed again?

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Hi I know you think you are not over medicated, it still would be safer to check with tSH, T4 and FT3. Also easy to assume everything is thyroid related. it often is not. I would see the GP, even if they think you odd!

This could be over range calcium. If taking vit D are you sure your calcium level is Ok,?It is the corrected calcium that matters if 2 done.Calcium commonly causes shakes. I would also check your B12 is high in range.

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Are you low in magnesium. Epsom salt baths are good for muscle cramps. When you bathe in Epsom salts magnesium gets into every cell in the body. one half cup of magnesium - stay in bath for 20 minutes and rest afterwards. The bath is purely for bathing in the Epsom salts - don't use any soaps or add anything else to the bath. bathe three times a week. I had terrible muscle spasms in my back went to an osteopath and did the Epsom salts bath too - I feel so much better. When you take calcium it needs to be balanced with magnesium. The baths are a good way to supply magnesium.


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