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Hey all, thought I was going out of my mind for last six years, had so many symptoms but levels stayed low, but not low enough for any help

How reassuring to find that I was in touch with my own body, and not a hypercontryact,as I was made to now on levothyroxine (two weeks) and already feeling more energised. Incidentally; I actually thought I had reaccuring glandular fever( had in 1976) and have believed for a long time that there is a link; as so many of you also do.

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Glad to hear you are at last on medication and feeling better already but you need to keep a close eye yourself on your blood results by asking for copies every time you have your levels tested.

Also please ask your GP to test your vitd, b12, iron, ferritin and folates as these are often low in thyroid sufferers and if they are it will have a impact on how your body is able to use your levo.

Dont know if your GP has advised you that you need to keep your levo well away from all food and drink (except water) so that your body can absorb it. Levo needs an empty stomach to be able to absorb into the system, which is why a lot of thyroid sufferers take their levo last thing at night, having not eaten for a few hours before.

It seems that you have stuggled to get a diagnoses for quite a while but I'm pleased your now on the right road.

Moggie x

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Hi As always good info from Moggie. I would add vit D test, hormonal, if low calcium test before treatment,script if possible. retest both in 4 months as calcium must never be over range and D can make it so.Also Diabetes, annually, hormonal and autoimmune.

With thyroid make sure you have tSH, T4 and Free T3. some NHS labs will not do that, it is very important. You can use an on line one, to be safe.

Always have a print out of every test with ranges. receptionist.

Best wishes,



A hypothyroid body makes you vulnerable to infections like glandular fever that is for sure


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