Names, please

When you are living with an illness (just as when one is a specialist in anything else) it is easy to lapse into technical-speak. Please would posters try to give the full name of their symptom or illness first before using shorthand.

I have been hypothyroid for a couple of years and read this site regularly, but am constantly stopped by initials I don't understand or have to mentally run through umpteen alternatives to work out what it seems to be.

I don't want to winge but am often pulled up short on a post or question because it does not make sense. Many thanks for your co-operation.

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  • I heartily agree - please try to use full names, at least on first mention.

    Also avoid "text speak". Please.

    To address this very problem, I have assembled a list of abbreviations and acronyms appropriate (I hope) for people here:

    And, folk, feel free to send me Private Messages if you think something needs adding to this list, though my decision is final!


  • Rod, that list is fantastic, thanks so much for your hard work.

  • It doesn't take much effort really, if I notice something, I add it! But very pleased if it is useful. :-)

    And having a list available is not a reason to post incomprehensible posts/questions.

  • Thank You, Rod, for this list, I have saved it. It will be a great help, as I have often not understood abbreviations.

  • Again, welcome.


    I do keep updating it - usually only a few additions - but do consider grabbing a more recent version than you might already have!

  • I agree. Sometimes I wont even attempt to answer a question as I dont understand what all the abbreviations mean, and if I am not the only one with this attitude they must then be limiting the amount of answers they get, which is a shame.

    Moggie x

  • Thank you so much for making this request. It's such a waste of everyone's time and effort when the posts are incomprehensible.

  • Hi I may be guilty but try not to do this. However, always if there is something you do not understand, click on "reply to this" under that post and ask, personally I am always happy to go into greater detail. However, even on the original post, often there is a lot to say, to try and help, sometimes there just is not time to write, say for half an hour on one question.

    Best wishes,


  • Agree with you all on this. I'm new to all this, and all the abbreviations and acronyms make some posts totally incomprehensible to me. :-(

  • As Jackie says, no one minds if you ask for clarification, or sometimes I google acronyms or abbreviations. We all react differently to illness; one of us might have trouble decrypting abbreviations, another might prefer to take shortcuts because of brain fog, trouble typing, etc.

    The nature of a forum means that a variety of people will express themselves in a variety of ways. If a post is so cryptic or the person posting so unhelpful that no one can understand it then the process is self-regulating and incomprehensible posts will receive less of a response. As long as people are respectful of each other here I'm relaxed with how they write. :-)

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