I heard that a vegan diet can cure auto immune disease. Has anyone tried the vegan diet and had any success with it?

I suffer from myxedema( hypothyroidism) and I am experiencing all the symptoms and i am getting sick to death of taking tablets for the rest of my life. So I have changed my diet to a vegan gluten free sugar free diet to see if it will help eliminate the problem.

I will keep you posted if it works but if you know any one that has tried this and has got rid of their auto immune disease then i will be happy to hear about it.

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  • Be careful of B12 deficiency if you're going vegan, it's only found in animal products so all vegans should supplement B12. Get it tested first in case you have a deficiency already (very common anyway in thyroid disease).

  • No plant nor animal makes B12 (only microorganisms like fungi and bacteria can do that), it is typically only animal foods that contain B12 since plants cannot make or store this vitamin. However, mushrooms (since they are themselves fungi) often contain B12, as do fermented plant foods like tempeh or miso since they have been produced with the help of microorganisms. It's easy to take vegan B12 supplements.

  • Good luck with this and maybe when you update us you will use the "gluten free chats" option in the "no category" drop down box on your update post so that others thinking of going gluten free will be able to follow your progress and learn a thing or two.

    I am a veggie, and have been for 20+ years and I am finding it hard going gluten and meat free so I wish you all the very best in you gluten/meat/dairy free journey and, as Hampster1 has said, please watch out that your vitamins dont drop to low.

    Moggie x

  • Good luck, anything is worth a try isn't it. I have been vegetarian for years and strangly my B12 is above range! I do make sure that I eat lots of pulses etc. I'm just trying the clean and lean diet - not sure if you've seen it? Basically you only eat 'clean' food which hasn't been processed. I'm only in the first week but I'm definately waking up more refreshed and my head seems clearer if that makes any sense??

    Good luck and keep us all posted of how you get on.

  • I have heard that hypothyroidism caused by Hashimoto's can be alleviated by going gluten free, mainly because it can reduce the antibodies.

    I would be more concerned about iron deficiency than B12 deficiency because unless you eat non-meat foods quite high in iron it will be difficult to get enough iron in your diet, especially if you also go down the route of avoiding cruciferous veg as well - although if it is cooked the goitrogenic effect is very low. Iron deficiency anaemia is extremely common in India, where a large percentage of people are vegetarian, despite the huge variety of pulses they eat.

  • Actually, omnivores are also can lack B12. Taking a supplement can address this. Here is more info on nutritional deficiencies between vegans and omnivores. nutritionfacts.org/video/om...

  • I have been gluten free (but not vegetarian) for 3 years and found it has made no difference to my hypothyroidism. I would go vegan if it would help, but am also concerned about getting the right balance of vitamins and minerals when cutting out so many food groups. Good luck, I hope you have success with it.

  • nutritionfacts.org/video/om...

    Network with vegans online to get support and info on how to stay healthier while no longer participating in the unnecessary suffering and death of sentient beings.

  • Be interested to hear..... I cook a lot from Vegetarian Cooking Without ( no gluten, sugar, yeast, dairy, meat, fish or saturated fat) you'd think it would be about three pages long but it's brilliant and so easy, no complex instruction a mile long or ingredients you have to source online. It's by Barbara Cousins....page 110 Chickpea and cashew nut curry is perfect for this time of year ....x

  • Would love to hear how you get on - I have a wheat intolerance that i have been ignoring as I love my bread and cakes - but have decided to try Gluten free myself and finding it really ahrd to do as the gluten free bread from the supermarket is usually unavailable when I do my weekly shop ( shop online, order it - it does not turn up - unavailable when packing).

    I just cannot imagine a day without bread - if I cannot get gluten free bread ( tired making it at home - bought several books on the subject years ago and gave up - it was all hideous) I cannot see me going gluten free :-)

  • I miss bread so much too, but have horrid reactions to Gluten (not a coeliac but as with many Hashimoto sufferers I react badly to it) so I am now trying sourdough bread. I have heard that this does not cause problems for those who are Gluten intolerant - sadly at the moment my sourdough starter (10 days old) is shortly going to be thrown in the bin if it doesn't start doing any thing!!! If I ever manage to make some, I will let you know if it is as good as they say.

  • Hiya,

    I have made sourdough very often - so glad you mentioned it - I love sourdough.

    if you need any help / tips with yours - just PM me.

    Thanks for the advice - will try some sourdough myself and see how the stomach reacts ;-)

  • Well have decided to go for it - the starter doesn't look like I thought it would as after 10 days it hasn't risen too much but what the hell - I have just started making the loaf although according to my recipe I won't cook it until tmrw morning!!! I am using spelt as that also is supposed to be OK for people who are Gluten sensitive (although I am now having to use half Einkhorn flour as the Spelt has run out) - still, my gluten free sausage rolls are to die for!!

  • recipe please ! - my boys love sausage rolls ( they have no idea there is no meat in them) - but I do use full fat full gluten pastry - so if you feel like sharing - I would love the recipe :-)

  • Sorry but no good for you if veggie - I buy Sainsbury Pork and Apple sausages which just happen to be gluten free, take out the meat then roll it in gluten free pastry (made with Dove Farm Gluten free flour) and bake - you would probably know of a savoury filling you could use to fool the boys!!! Recipe for flour is 200 g flour/ 100 g butter and 4 tbspns water. I use an old fashioned (but much loved and well used) Kenwood mixer to make the flour - works every time.

  • You are an angel - thank-you.

    I will try this once i am on my feet again.

    We are not veggie, but if I left them to their own devices it would be meat with meat with meat four times a day with meat snack inbetween! :-) So I mix it up by sneaking in meat free "meat" dishes and I mostly get away with it, although I did get caught out when number one son asked me for my spaghetti bolgnese recipe for his home economics project - and there is no meat in that, and it was his favourite dish :-)

    he was only a little bit cross, I explained that I wanted to keep him healthy so I could give him more hugs and he settled down, but then when he realised I sneak courgettes into the mixture by chopping them really finely he decided that my lasagne was now his number one dish..... ( if only he knew what I put in my lasagne - LOL)

  • I used to do spelt sourdough too. Super easy and very tasty as long as your starter has reached the lactic stage (I made it too early once and it looked great but boy was it sour). If you use the no knead method it virtually makes itself.

  • Well I am now at the stage of 'if it doesn't work, it goes in the bin!!' I'm preparing to bake it tomorrow so flour added and it is in a warm place overnight - fingers crossed.

  • Take no notice if you have a preferred way of doing things but I used to put mine in the fridge overnight - makes for a slower rise and creates steam when you bake it. Of course every method has its own benefits. Good luck! I hope it comes out perfect!

  • Well I guess I made the same error as you 'cos having made the bread, it was disgusting (sob) - looked a bit like a cake but tasted so sour it was inedible. I am unsure if I should keep the starter - I think I may now resort to buying a starter as this is the third time I have tried and I am having no joy!! I just want a decent slice of bread, thick and spread with loads of butter (goats, I prefer the taste) and maybe jam or marmite or maybe just on its own. Flippin gluten........

  • Someone posted on here recently that there is a gluten free bakery in scotland that does mail order - I will try my hardest to find the post for you as I was thinking of giving it a try myself - a day without toast is a day to long in my book.lol.

    Moggie x

  • Don't know where you live or which supermarkets you can access but asda, tesco, sainsburys and morrisons all have good gluten free bread which freezes well. Holland and barrat also have a selection of g f food, as do many health shops. As far as cakes are concerned, try baking your own with gluten free flour, it's quite easy, easier than bread which I leave to the experts such as the Genius, DFS, or Warburtons. Your local chemist can also get it in for you.

  • I was a vegan for over 25 years and can tell you it did nothing for me - i have 3 auto immune diseases. I recently started experimenting with eating meat but i just don't like it no matter how much i pretend

    I have started incorporating eggs (in g free bread).

    I have hashimoto's, coeliac and p anaemia.

  • I have read articles recently which suggest that 3% of those with autoimmune disease have coeliac disease. Another article I read suggested that this could be as high as 17%. I hope you are successful but if not, you may feel better because of the diet changes anyway....

  • I think your flying a kite here

    whilst going gluten free is a very sensible idea indeed going vegan is not

    hypothyroid depletes the body massively of vit b , vit c ,zinc and magnesium along with ferritin and folate

    hence its far more important to get tests for ferritin and folate done urgently and restore those levels plus take a really good vitamin tablet every day in order to start to feel well

    if ferritin or folate is low thyroxine simply will not work

  • Hi there,

    I have been hypo for 15+ years now, and am so pleased to have found this forum.

    I have just ordered a number of vitamins ( had accident, cannot cook, and feel the need for something other than hubbys beans on tast ;-) and one of the new things I have just bought is ZInc, again not for my thyroid but for general immune system as I am feeling run down..

    I have been taking selenium and magnesium for years, - and not for my thyroid.

    None of my docs ever mentioned anythign about vitimins and their effect on my thyroid - even though I have been tellign them the thyroid meds are just not doing it for me.

    Thanks to this forum I found out I was taking the wrong kind of Magnesium ( magnesium oxide) when I should be taking Magnesium Citrate, which has arried and I have been taking for a couple of days now

    Thanks to this forum I might keep taking hte zinc, I was only buying a little bit to help pep me up and fight off any bugs.

    Thanks to this forum I know my vit D and Vit B12 need testing.

    This is the most information I have had in Years!!!

    Thank-you :-)

  • Ferritin and folate levels are vital for thyroid patients as unless they are well above half way of the reference ranges you cannot absorb thyroxine

  • I no longer get asthma, but I can't really tell if that is down to mostly vegan diet, being gluten-free, getting vit D and B12 levels to a good level, adrenal support or the MSM and lemon juice I have every morning.

    It started to go with just the MSM and lemon (and diet), but didn't clear up completely until the B12 was high. I previously has asthma for over 50 years.

  • MSM helped me with my chronic hay fever/assorted respiratory allergies. I had been doing the wretched 'local honey' thing and someone told me about MSM and it gave me immediate relief.

  • I'm already vegan but have been gluten free for a while now too. Since moving to grain free & mostly whole foods I was feeling great. My endo expects my antibodies to be going, my tsh has moved from 0.05 to 0.3 for the first time in 15 months and I have swung from hyper to hypo with graves. So now I feel rough again lol :( I was already vegan so I can't comment on that xx

  • I'm been vegan for over 6 months now and gluten free for nearly 2 years as well. Since going vegan TPO and TG antibodies have both reduced to their lowest level. Both below 55. I'm no longer taking any medication. TSH is still high (just over 5) and I have some symptoms but they are manageable and I've even manage to lose some weight. Hoping with more time TSH and antibodies will continue to come down.

    Completing eliminating all animal protein seems to be the reason they vegan diet has help. Vegetarian diet isn't the same as a vegan diet. Dairy/Milk is basically liquid animal protein.

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