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Is it ok to take Spirulina if you have had a total thyroidectomy and are taking thyroxine?

Hello, Iv been searching for information on Spirulina and thyroid. I have had a total thyroidectomy and am always confused as to what I can take and if it will effect the synthetic thyroxine. Id love to be able to take Spirulina as Iv heard so many good things about it. Iv had a lot of problems in trying to conceive, and have heard that iys a good supplement to take to enhance fertility.

Any information or suggestions of where to look would be very much appreciated. Many thanks :-)

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What a funky username you have :-D

Spirulina should be fine. Just take it at least 2 hours either side of your levo.

There's some good advice re conception and pregnancy on


Thanks. Iv also been told that weatgrass is pretty good :-)


I take both daily in beet root juice,I take it evening time and have for a year


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