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Symptom Relief and Colds/Viruses?

Does anyone else find they're symptoms are better if they get a cold or a virus? I noticed early last year I had a stinking cold but felt I had a lot more energy. I spoke to my Naturopath about it and he said he thought it was my immune system fighting off the virus which gave me a boost, he said it wouldn't last and sure enough the symptoms came back.

It's been 3 weeks since I started on a trial of thyroxine and still been feeling rough, however today I think I've got a cold coming but I haven't felt so fatigued and my head feels a lot clearer. I haven't had my thyroid antibodies tested yet but will insist next time I have a blood test.

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Sorry you have had no replies - hopefully someone with relevant experience will pick this up from Latest Activity..




Many thanks


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