What tests should I ask GP for?

Hi. I am new to this site! I am a 45yr old female and was diagnosed originally with an over active thyroid gland in my early twenties. Aged about 30, the GP decided to send me to a specialist who said I could no longer carry on taking carbimazole. I decided on the radio iodine option and promptly became diagnosed with an under active thyroid gland. Over the years my levothyroxine dose has varied from 200mg to 100mg, however, for the last couple of years it has been 125mg. I don't feel too bad - my only real symptom is I get tired very quickly if I don't my 9hrs a night - who doesn't?!?! However, my GP has decided I need a 'thyroid medication review' and is sending me for a blood test. Now that I have found this website, I'd love to know exactly what tests to ask for so that I can then post the results on here to gain a better understanding. Previously, when I have queried my results I must confess I don't fully understand what they are saying! Thanks for any help.

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  • Hi Pollydolly. If you are feeling not too bad, that in itself is good. However "not too bad" may not be "as good as you can be". The usual tests to ask for are TSH, T4 and Free T3. Sadly, most labs will refuse to test your fT3 unless your doctor makes a special request, despite the fact that this is the active hormone that your body uses.

    Also ask for Vit B12, Vit D, iron, folate and ferritin levels to be measured. Others may add more things you can ask to be tested.

    I should add. Get in to the habit of ALWAYS asking for a print out of your results. This helps you spot changes and trends and means your doctor can't hide behind telling you things are normal when they aren't.

  • We are entitled to a copy of our blood test results, always make sure they put the ranges as labs differ throughout the country and it makes it easier to comment.

  • Thanks to both of you. I feel better prepared now with renewed determination to take more notice of my results!

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