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Diagnosed hypothyroid 18 months ago treated by GP only. I was diagnosed coeliac 16 years ago. Should I see an endocrinologist?

Does this mean I have Hashimotos? No one has ever mentioned this to me except my gastroenterologist who suggested it is all auto immune related. Thought maybe I could do with seeing a specialist as I don't really feel 'right'. All sorts of aches and pains and air hunger. After reading many posts on here, it does worry me that many endos don't seem to improve matters. Advice greatly appreciated, thanks.

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As you are ceoliac i am sure you realise that its easy to be deficient in many vitamins etc

so ask your gp to check





vit d3



they all need to be in upper quadrant of their ranges in order for the body to utilise thyroxine


Thanks for this. I'm seeing gastro at the end of the month and he's just ordered those tests amongst others. So hopefully get some answers. :-)


It is usually the GP's who treat us as it is looked upon as straightforward to do so.

If you have a copy of your latest thyroid gland blood test results post them here, with the ranges, and members will comment.

When you are on optimum medication you should feel better. Some GP's think it's fine when our blood tests are in the 'normal' range but usually we feel better when it's low. Also ask for the blood tests to be done that reallyfedup suggested. Usually we are low and Vit B12 and Vit D deficiency can also cause symptoms.


Thank you, I'll dig them out and post. Would do with help, I get lost trying to fathom it all out. :-/


We would never have expected before getting a thyroid gland problem, to have to research in order to get better.


Whats appalling is the tests i suggest should be done before they prescibe thyroxine

if ferritin folate etc are all up in the top quarter of the ranges thyroxine normally works very quickly


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