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Sheer Panic

Anyone find that they are woke uo with sheep panic, its like a bolt that makes you sit upright and you have the feeling that you have to escape. Its sufforcating and even though it can happen often and it does pass it still scares the hell out of you. I dont think its about woryy as that is present alot of the time and the panic dosent happen every single night, When it happens i try to distract myself like going on the computer or reading. It goes off i fall asleep and it can happen again.

Any thoughts on this please....

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Hi Yorkshiregirl

I went through this a few months ago - its a panic attack that wakes you from your sleep! (there's a proper name for it, but I can't remember what it is - try googling nocturnal panic attacks??).

At first I thought I was dying! Tremors, pounding heart, hyperventilating......

I would eventually calm down and drop off back to sleep only to jolt awake again a few minutes later.

The trouble is, the more you fear it, the more likely it is to happen!

Once I realised that there was nothing actually physically wrong with me, I felt alot better and now I've not had it for a couple of months. I hope this info helps you - you're not alone!


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