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Anyone out there Hypo with Parkinsons?

This is the first time I've posted [I 've been a silent watcher for a few years ]

I visited the GP today because I have noticed my hands shaking,this has been intermittent since last January but is happening more frequently.After a lot of holding out of hands,blood pressure and questions she said she thought I had Parkinsons.I've had a lot of blood tests today to eliminate other things and I go back next Monday.

I don't think it's my meds I was on 225mcg T4 but I am now on T3 since last October which has improved my Hypo symptoms no end ....anyway just wondered if anyone else had Parkinsons,Many Thanks

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Have you had your Vit B12 levels tested?


I agree with Muffy. I also developed shaking hands and legs and the neurologist thought I had Parkinson's as it is in my family. When I addressed my B12 level with good supplements sub lingual, plus a multi B vit with a good dose of folate the shakes disappeared after a few weeks! Neurologist was amazed..... Emil me direct if you want to know more. x


I used to have a worrying tremor in my hands before I started taking Thyroid meds. I don't seem to have a problem now.


Many thanks for all your replies,my latest blood results will be in at the GPs after 2pm tomorrow.I've had B12 tested in the past and it was OK.My last thyroid blood test was September 2013 & every thing was OK.


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