Blood test results to check a range of things - can anyone comment on them please?

Despite my TSH being 0.41 (range set at 0.27 to 4.20), I was experiencing symptoms of being hypothyroid. My GP requested further blood tests and the results have come back as follows:

Full blood count classed as normal

Vitamin D - 37

Vitamin B12 - 611

Folate - 5.1

Erythrocyte sedimentation rate - 5mm/h

Glucose random - 8.2 classed as abnormal so had a fasting glucose test.

Fasting glucose test - 5.3 classed as normal

Renal sodium - 143; potassium - 4.3; urea - 3.7; creatinine - 61

Ferritin - 118

Thank you

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  • Without the ranges for those test results we cant comment

    on the face of things they are ok but

    whats your free t4

    what meds are you on

    do you have antibodies

    do you have central hypothyroid

  • My free t4 was not checked. I am currently taking Levo 200mcg a day. What do you mean by antibodies and central hypothyroid??

    My GP is not very helpful and I think I have food intolerances and she literally laughed.

    I will repost the above with the ranges added to them tomorrow.

  • If you have pituarity failure /central hypothyroid your tsh will be low because your pituarity cannot produce tsh to kick your thyroid to produce t4 thuscyourct4 will also be low

    thus never never never should any doctor rely on tsh

    you can be like both my husband , daughter and grandaughter and have hashimotos auto immune thyroid and also central hypothyroid so antibodies are destroying their thyroids and their pituarity is also failing

    its vital gps and endos face this possibility and stop relying only on tsh

    if you are gluten intolerant /ceoliac that is another reason for thyroid problems

  • Assuming the ranges I often see your folate and vitamin d both look low. My numbers are very similar to yours and I have been put on high dose of vitamin d and told to take folic acid. But yes, as reallyfedup123 said ranges are definitely needed. Low vitamin d can give you hypo like symptoms.

    Antibodies are important when people complain of hypo or hyper symptoms with tsh in range. If you have an autoimmune problem (ie Hashi ) your tsh could be in range the day you are tested but be a totally different number a week or month later. You might want to ask to have thyroid antibodies tested.

  • I would tend to agree. The first things I noticed were the low vitamin D and folate. These could well be contributing to symptoms.

    Carolyn x

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