is hai rloss related to thyroid?

I saw a dr on Monday and he said there was protein in my urine btu didn't say anymore ie cause of it.hten I mentioned hairloss and he said keep an eye on it.i think I do have a thyroid issue as lost eyebrow hair last year and glands may be up (not sure how to tell)?larynx.thyroid gland and lump under jaw all seem underarm hair loss thyroid linked?

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Yes, these are classic symptoms.

I always thought so, but my gp I had before said only when you start to take the medication...the meds make your hair come out, when you first start taking them. I still think both things are true, the condition and maybe the meds too.

When I stopped Levo and was on T3 only noticed a difference in my hair. Now since back on Levo has gone lank again and starting to loose more than usual. So it must be when you go back on it first of all, I can verify that. I just hope that it will settle down again.

in my book you need tests for thyroid antibodies tsh free t4

plus tests for




vit d3




all of those 7 must be in upper quadrantof their ranges and i will bet that ferritin and folate are very very low indeed

Years ago when I was diagnosed my glands were definitely enlarged, my hair was coming out loads and the ends of my eyebrows went very thin, still are after 40 yrs. also felt extremely tired and exhausted . Did your Dr. Take blood tests? It took me 11 yrs to be diagnosed in spite of going to the Dr's with one symptom then another. Look at the symptoms for Hypothyroid on Thyroid uk that will give you more idea, I remember I had all but about 3 of them. Good luck. x

poor you why do they choose to ignore I will never understand

recently Ive noticed my whole eyebrow looks thinner, but not just the ends. Yup and my armpit hair barely grows...and hair on front of legs is patchy . Head hair has gotten very thin (I perm once a year)...I have hypothyroid..but add in mild lupus now...I keep their pills minimal...except with thyroid its a balancing act lately, but also post menopause as of recent (so its like a cocktail of things)...all help to lose the hair;(

Ahh sorry about your hair, I am a retired hairdresser and have seen lots of ladies with thinning hair, it makes ladies very axcious. I was lucky my hair grew back when I started thyroid medication, except the ends of my eyebrows. I also know Lupus can be very challenging my husband had Churg Strauss Syndrome 25yrs ago which is in the same group as Lupus. He was very seriously I'll at time but with medication and positivity and lots of ups and downs he is very well at the moment. Hope you will start to improve. Best Wishes, Kathy xx

Thank you..I just keep tabs on everything..but hair is pretty important. I have a wider face, so thin hair looks bad on me.

Adrenals ? Low Ferritin ?

Certainly is....great for legs and underarms but not for head.......was diagnosed with hyperthyroidism last Feb, (T4 nearly 70) however, now back to normal, did up and down titration of carbrimazole with monthly blood tests, have new hair growing on head, like a baby's underneath, taking iron, good oils, using Liz Earle hair oil daily on her...had it chopped into bob and feeling better.....

Hi this is the first time on this sight. I was diagnosed last year july/august with hyperthyroidism. My hair is half as thick as it was. I have graves TED could not put into words the last six months. Has the hair oil helped how do you use it. I like your positive attitude.

I think vitamins and looking after myself better has helped - have acupuncture once a month and massage, take iron, and lots of good oils, changed diet - banished wheat, cut caffeine, reduced alcohol, try and follow FODmap and Paleo diets, check out practical paleo by Diane Sanfilippo, it's easy to follow with lots of advice on supplements... as for the hair oil, it feels and smells lovely, not sure if it has helped but has psychologically if nothing else and that's good....xx

Thank you will try your recommendations

Yes I developed bald patches turned out I had too much t3 I lowered my meds and hair grew back instantly x

I am sure thyroid linked! Been without underarm hair for can't remember how long and sparse in other places as well. Added Nutri thyroid to my dose last summer and some wispy growth appeared. Stopped Nutri and all supplements as wanted to get to bottom of supplements. Endo had put me on D3 and that made immediate impact. Started then on Folic acid-was very low, restarted again on B12, zinc, selenium and lastly magnesium which hadn't taken before then had a not too good consultation with GP. She was upset when I told her Dr S had died suddenly but because she could no longer blame him if something went wrong and decided my upbeat mood was because I was over medicating (!) and wanted my suppressed TSH to be measurable so asked me to stop all supplements other than D3, take a general multi vits in which nothing over recommended daily dose but keep thyroxine dose the same Levo 3x 125 and 4x 100. Can't see the logic there! So still on vits etc but did drop Levo recently to see if mins and vits improvement meant I could cut back a little to 100 a day and couldn't keep awake night and day! Upped that back now and feeling great again! Now have a growth of underarm hair and less dark long hairs on my toes! So lots of imbalances which I now feel correcting and probably less resistance of my cells to Levo. Last Christmas had bad UTI. Doc found protein in sample and so gave me three days of antibiotics. I said I don't take to them well but she said these were very strong with nasty side affects. I struggled on for 4 months-thankfully a locum listened and gave me 10 days. But I was booked in for a camera and told vital I kept appointment etc. Really frightened me at this point. Hospital very kind, were not very sure why I was there, had X-rays and ultra sound and found nothing wrong except protein in urine! It didn't worry them. Again I think thyroid not being up to spec. Its so frustrating when no one listens especially when I have known my body for such a long time and my GP about 5 years.

can fully sympathise with you.i went to A&E as some on here advised me to when my legs were swollen and all they said to me was "i don't know why you are here"i have had disputes with drs fro the last 2.5 years cos either don't listen or dismiss symptoms ,as you say we know our own bodies .

I have only ever had TSH test nto T3 or T4 whatever they are.said that wa snormal at 3.3 ish.told d ri ahd brow hair loss -told its not thyroid.have to believe me now-seeing dr mondya to tell(ask?) him its thyroid and further weight loss

Hi, Here's a list of some of the symptoms that have been experienced with low thyroid - there are more. They are unique to each individual:

Jane x

I believe you should see another doctor who will take you more it seems to me things are not right at all .protein in the urine is not right ... .I do not know why they choose to ignore signs which means a problem somewhere ..I believe in my experience .....

keep on trying to get someone to listen to you .

Good Luck to you God Bless


I'm a Kiwi, and I've almost given up expecting my doctor to be capable of diagnosing things. I have had hair loss for about 15 years, as well as a number of symptoms that make me suspect thyroid problems. In the last year or so (since a mystery bout of illness), I have had nearly a hundred blood tests taken to try and pinpoint what's going on, but everything seems to come back in the 'normal' range. What I wondered, is if you're taking supplements like iron, magnesium, D3, will this mask the effects of the thyroid malfunction?

Cheers, Erin

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