Thyroid UK Information Pack

Thyroid UK Information Pack

Thyroid UK has a very helpful Information Pack which contains in-depth information on the thyroid as well as the list of Private GPs and information on private testing.

An A4 size folder containing the following documents:

◾ About Us

◾ The Endocrine System – An Overview

◾ The Thyroid Gland – An Overview

◾ Hypothyroidism

◾ Signs and Symptoms of Hypothyroidism

◾ Hyperthyroidism

◾ Signs and Symptoms of Hyperthyroidism

◾ Named Patient Basis

◾ The Role of Vitamins and Minerals in Thyroid Disease

◾ The Thyroid and Drugs, Chemicals and Foods

◾ Getting a Diagnosis and Starting Treatment

◾ Thyroid Antibodies by Dr B Durrant-Peatfied

◾ Hashimoto’s Disease by Dr B Durrant-Peatfield

◾ Fluoride

◾ Recommended Books

◾ Test Results Booklet

◾ Thyroid UK Membership Form

◾ Thyroid UK Fundraising Leaflet

◾ Thyroid UK Poster

◾ Resources

◾ Private Doctors

◾ Support Network

◾ The Role of The Adrenal Glands by Dr B Durrant-Peatfield

◾ Information on Private Testing & Phlebotomy

◾ Information Pack Feedback Form

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13 Replies

  • Hi i'm interested in getting the ibfo pack. Who do i have to contact to do so, please?

  • Just go to the main Thyroid UK site & you can order it via the shop

  • The link should take you to the order form.. :)


  • How do I get an info pack

  • Follow this link! :)



  • I've just ordered the pack. Hope it can help me post out my problems for once and all. Can't go on like this.

  • :) x

  • Where do I send my membership fee? Just trying to join now

  • Thyroid UK

    32 Darcy Road

    St Osyth

    Clacton on Sea


    CO16 8QF



  • I just did it pay pal. :-) do I get a membership number?

  • You will get a whole pack and a magazine in the post! :)



  • I've had an interactive thyroid for 15 years and would love more information on this.

  • Hi Anthony

    There is information on our website... where you can also purchase the pack, or sign up to the membership...



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