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Please reply with thoughts.. The Endo has prescribed 20mcg of t3 to be added to the 100mcg of t4 I already take.

Here are my blood results-

TSH 0.99 (0.3 - 5.00)

FT4 15.2 (10.00 - 18.7)

FT3 4.7 (2.50 - 5.50)

My vitamins and minerals are within range.

I'm just concerned I may end up over treated and the Endo stop the t3 rather than work at finding the right amount. Thanks.

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Hi 20mcg T3 is a normal starting dose, However, I would take a few weeks to get up to that amount, lessens the side effects. Also remember to split the dose in half about 12 hours apart. Retest, 6 weeks after full dose.

It will lower the tSH. Good Endo`s do think this is the way to go, if still having symptoms. as you would not want the T4 any higher, FT3 is normally best near top of range, but then great care needed to stop it going over. if in 6 weeks you can see the FT3 is likely to go over, just reduce a little. In that way should not harm you and may work like a miracle.Endo should be pleased that you are being careful.

Bet wishes,


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"within range" meand squat when it comes to NHS

Its vital that Ferritin is over 70




Vit D3


Zinc all are into the upper quadrant of their ranges not just " in range "

Otherwise Thyroxine cannot be utilised in the body


You are lucky the Endo prescribed T3. This is the active hormone every cell in our body needs to function, particularly our brain. T4 is inactive and should convert to enough T3 but sometimes it doesn't provide enough for us to feel well.

If we take a bit too much of any thyroid gland hormone, we would feel quite bad but it is resolved by missing out the next day's dose and reducing it from then on.

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Hi there! I've been doing lots of research about this subject & read a lot of research esp a recent Danish study & I'm about to ask my endo for exactly what yours prescribed 5:1 ratio of t4 & t3...the results to me look amazing & def worth a shot I I think!! Benefits showed in the study weight loss, improved moods & less depression to name a few :)


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