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was very ill in june , was put on 75mg levothyroxine. all been fine BUT I've hit the floor in tears since friday pls help,

just had bloods done don't no where I've put them , but gp said they were fine so still on 75, but neck being hurting gp said it feels fine to him , put 2 stone on in 5mts , but my feet are hurting so much, there seems to be a bump on both feet just near where my feet go into a arch . glad i am off work not move out of bed since friday night, so fed up and in tears. on antboits think it could them ,on it for bad cough ,back waking tho the night and feeling so ill x

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Hi Balla, Yes, it could possibly be the antibiotics, what ones are they? Please look at tags to see what has been said about antibiotics in the past. Trimethoprim and Tetralysal have reacted very badly on me and am still suffering after 6 years. Do wish you well very quickly. Janet.


thank you janet will have a look about them , am on amoxicillin 500mg x just got in to see doctor 20 to 5 will let you no what he says got me out of bed lol thank you


Never just accept it when an nhs gp says your tests are normal. You results can be within what they deem normal ranges but you may not be well. It is usual to have your dose increased steadily till your symptoms go away.

You need to get a copy of your blood test with ref ranges and post here so we can take a look


I am sorry you have lost your results, but its not surprising with all that is going on with your health at present. When you have finally been diagnosed and given medication, you think that everything will be o.k. but it comes as a surprise to find you are still struggling and the GP saying your bloods are fine.

It is a big learning curve for all of us who have had to fight our way back to good health.

Always get a copy of your thyroid gland blood test results for your own records and so you can post them if you have a query. It does take time for your to get to a dose which alleviates your clinical symptoms (of which you detail some of them above) but we need an optimum dose - not just kept within 'range'.

I note you are seeing your GP tonight so if you have also been given another copy of your blood tests post on a new question for comments.

I had all the aches and pains you describe above but am better now.


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