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No Question To Ask This Time...But,

I just wanted to let you all know that I am okay and still in the land of living. I was sick again all of last week but thank God I had no suicidal thoughts even with the cycle last week.

I got my 2nd injection again just yesterday, Friday the 20th. The first injection has not worked because I had two cycles since then. I got the first injection on the 23rd of November.

Oh, and the other FANTASTIC NEWS is that I got another appointment to go back to the hospital on the 31st of December to the Gynecologist. I hope he rips these darn things out of me. However, I know it won't happen on this date but I am wanting him to make up his mind there and then of what he is going to do, like put me on the list for the operation.

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Good to hear from you, keep well and have a very happy Christmas! x


Good to hear you are getting somewhere and are feeling more cheerful. Good luck with your man on the 31st. Liz x


Hey, good news that your 2nd inj is working and you have a date for your gynae consult. Keeping my fingers crossed for you x


Hope it goes well x


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