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Does anyone have experience of dilated left ventricles linked to their thyroid problems which medication for the thyroid has then controlled

My son's 2 blood tests over the last 9 months have shown decreased TSH & normal T3 anT4. He has some symptoms of thyroid disfunction and he is having a 5cmx5cm lump and half his thyroid removed in January. 2 days ago a heart scan showed a dilated left ventricle and an internet search found an article which suggested that anyone found with a dilated left ventricle should have their thyroid function examined

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I've read that as well. It also mentioned a lag in the r wave on an ekg which I know I have. I am not sure about the ventricle problem but I'll assume that goes along with it.

I've probably been underdosed for hypothyroidism for many years, from back in the day when I was still very ignorant about levels and testing, etc.


Hi Thyroid in particular Hyper can effect the heart. However, once the control is right, it should improve. Make sure his heart is monitored by a Cardio.

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Sorry,i havnt got advice ,except that i have read that hypothyroid can enlarge the heart.But i have a question;can i know what symptoms ur son has(i mean of the dilated left ventricle)?As i have had unmedicated Hypo/Hadhis for many years and get intermittent heart symptoms(weak left arm slight discomfort in the heart ect)and i wouldnt be surprised if i have what ur son has or similar.(i wish i could have a heart scan to just know ,once and forall).


Hi Cloud, My son gets palpitations and dizziness so is on beta blockers for now. After his op to remove lump and half thyroid hope to get to bottom of what's going on re thyroid and heart. Good luck


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