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Hypothyroidism Help

I was diagnosed with Hypothyroidism about 3/4 years ago and am still feeling rubbish. I have trialled Levo, NDT, T3 and so on but only ever have fleeting success. For example I recently I trialled NP Thyroid and after some initial success (after being medicated for around 4 weeks) I seemed to plateau and then deteriorate back into a hazy, foggy, achey, tired mess.

Is there any reason why I would have these apparent improvements and then consequent slumps?!

I am thinking of trialling T3 again only but am unsure how to go about it - I know my daily requirements of T4 is around 200 mcg but how would this translate into a T3 regime?!

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...sounds as if you are low in iron ferritin folates B12 and VitD. Have you had them tested and what are the results ? They all need to be high in the range for good conversion of T4. You say you have been trying different things for 3/4 does take the body a long time in some cases to adapt to a new regime of treatment. Please do not take this wrongly but sometimes patience is required - and yes we do take steps backwards before going forwards again ! Have not read your other posts so maybe I have missed something and am repeating myself - if soalso apologies

50mcg T3 = 200 mcg T4 - approximately. Do you have Hashimotos ? - if so then adjusting your diet and being gluten free will be a great help....again not an overnight fix as healing the gut can take months....

Wishing you well - from a Hashi's girl on T3 who struggles with B12 levels and weight and who is constantly learning new things..... also had a badly behaving gut !!

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In addition to what Marz says about ensuring your vitamin and mineral levels are tested and optimised, have you considered that you might have adrenal problems too - there's a good adrenal questionnaire here

I also suggest that people should make sure their kidney function has been tested. I recently found out mine had been below normal for 5 years. I take alpha lipoic acid which seems to be making a big difference to how I feel.

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Its vital you get tests for






I suspect your ferritin is way below 70 and thus you cannot utilise any of the T4 thyroid meds although T3 usually in a high enough dose will flood the sleeping thyroid receptors and wake them up


I take B12 Sublinigual, Iron (Ferrous Fulminate), Magnesium and Vit D.

My levels are all fine now (mostly top end). I have had my adrenals tested (NHS and Saliva) and both came back fine.

I think I have Hashi's ... I know I have elevated TPOabs.

Just always so so tired. Especially with waking in the mornings. Though I am rarely tired late at night strangely.


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