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What Diet changes do I need to make for total thyroidectomy to help my levels?

I have found on this site heaps of advice about diet but it all seems aimed at those who still have a thyroid gland which I no longer


Would it have any benefit for me & my levels if I went gluten free? Or if I avoided the foods that are bad for those who still have a thyroid gland?

I'm willing to do what I must to get as normal as I can, I realise that it's a bit of a dance to do this but figure if I do everything in my power to increase my chances it can't hurt


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My own personal view for people who have had a thyroidectomy is that the doctor should add some T3 (at the very least) to the T4 as T3 is the active hormone which has to get into each and every cell. T4 is a prohormone which should convert to enough T3 but sometimes may not give enough.

This is a link re vitamins, etc. and Vitamin C in particular helps the conversion. Only take the advised dose for the day and do not overdose. You don't need to take everything, just the ones you think best.

Your GP may not want to prescribe some T3 but why not approach him. Usually the drop 50mcg of levo for 10mcg of T3.


I'd lost so much weight I was advised to stuff myself with cream cakes.

A balanced diet is important and post TT you don't need to avoid goitrogenic foods. If you're gluten sensitive g-f will enable better absorption. My coeliac screen was normal so I haven't gone g-f but I'm not a big bread eater, throwing out more than I eat.


Hi Diet, my Endo says any one with thyroid problems should be on the Diabetic diet, see Diabetes UK and the better USA site.

It is usual to still need treatment after the OP. Some thyroid always left behind. You need TSH, T4 and Free T3 tested, also the other things, vit D ( hormonal) and iron/ferritin , especially are likely to be low. Diabetes, autoimmune and hormonal should be tested annually too, also B12 (+ Foliates)which needs to be high in range, also autoimmune and hormonal.

Best wishes,



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