basal temperature measurement

Has anybody taken any readings of their basal temp?

it's seems that it can be a good indicator for hypo.

I took 3 readings a day over a number of days, here are the results.

36.3, 36.2, 36.4, 36.4 and 36.3 (Celsius).

Now, they say a healthy person should be a consistent 37.

I went to the doctors with this and she said " what should a normal person be". Followed by " have you tested anybody else".

It will be interesting to see what you guys achieve.


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  • Hi I have been on levo for 28 years and never felt well, after reading sttm book I also took basal temp for 2 weeks, mostly they were 34.5 to 35.2, I pushed to see a endo as I felt so ill and after juch testing ended up with a diagnosis of panhypopituitarism, unfortunately doctors dont pay to juch heed to temp charting but I advice anyone to advocate and educate themselves and find a doctor who will listen and act, not easy I jight add

  • Hi im on 75 levo was diagnosed this year hypthyroid and every morning I take my basel temp it is never over 35.3 usually 35.1 but can be 33 takes no interest at all in these results and will not up my dose

  • Hi It is a good indication but not fool proof. My temp never goes above 35.4 unless a severe fever. My thyroid has been stable for many years, same before and after.


  • My temp is 36.5 at normal, so are my children's . My thyroid is stable and the kids have no problems.

    They or I can have a low fever at 37

    When I first went to my doctor (16 years ago) and quoted the basal temp test (haha) it was lower than my stable normal of 36.5-cant remember what though.

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