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Blood Results - Help!

Hi, I'm hoping that someone can help me make sense of the results I have received today. I went to Doctor with symptoms of underactive Thyroid and I have been diagnosed with that and I am on 200mcg of thyroxene per day to treat that. I also have Type 1 Diabetes, Coeliac and Endometriosis. Doctor said she would do a full blood count, check your B12 and cortisol level and all your thyroid tests. Sounded good. She also said that even if results were ok she would refer me to an Endo who treats the patient and symptoms not just blood test results.


Free T4 (lab range 9 - 21) result 21 pmol/L

TSH (lab range 0.2 - 4.5) result 0.09 L

Free T3 (lab range 2.6 - 6.2) result 2.7 pmol/L

Sodium (lab range 135 - 145) result 135 mmol/L

Cortisol (no lab range given) result 306 - comment at bottom says 'Cortisol New adult cortisol cutoff for 30min SST: >430

Doctor said all results normal except Cortisol which is a bit low and she wanted to do a SST to check for Addsions which she said is very rare.

I convinced her to refer me to Endo as my T4 at top of range and T3 at bottom of range and obviously my Adrenals could be affected by my T3 and I believe that the T4 is not being converted due to my gut problems(coeliac)

I missed the fact that there was no B12 result in the printout while in her office so don't know if it was tested

Was I wrong to ask for Endo referral, what do you think? I would really appreciate any assistance

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An endo will certainly help with your diabetes as that's usually their speciality. As to whether or not they'll be much use re your thyroid is debatable. An endo should be able to manage your co-morbidities better than a GP.

I suspect you may be overmedicated & not converting. Your TSH is suppressed and could be allowed to rise and your T3 is to low.

Are you following a gluten free diet?

Push for those B12 results. I'll wager you're deficient and may even have pernicious anaemia. Were you tested for ferritin, vitD & folate? These inhibit absorption & conversion when they're deficient.


Hi Clutter, thanks for reply. I already see an Endo for diabetes the one she is referring me to specialises in Thyroid issues. Ialso see a different Endo for my Coeliac and I am on a gluten free diet. I was previously diagnosed as having low B12 at Coeliac clinic and was on injections then I tried tablets and they said B12 was normal after 9 months of no injections but that could have reversed. My folate wasn't tested unless it could be called something different? but ferretin was 140 lab range 15 - 200. All kidney tests, iron, etc were middle of lab range so didn't mention. The Cortisol was the only result highlighted by the lab.


OMG I've never heard of anyone being referred to a specialist thyroid endo. I thought they were figments of our imagination.

Your GP sounds a treasure referring you to the specialist endos. I can't imagine your folate would have been overlooked.

I hope that you have good health at Christmas and going forward to 2014.


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