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Debate from the House of Commons yesterday regarding hypothyroidism

Apologies if this has already been posted but if not I thought members would be interested to read about the debate in the House of Commons yesterday.

It demonstrates all the good work Thyroid UK are doing in the back ground on our behalf to raise awareness.

Thank you Thyroid UK :-)

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Hi edit,

Suze did post about this yesterday, Her post contains a link to the video

However, I have found it much easier to read this transcript than listen to the speakers themselves, so many thanks for posting this link!


oh that's a relief. I have been very tied up recently so not been able to look at all the posts and missed that one. Some really great work going on though.


Thanks so much for putting this here! It has saved me a job looking for the transcript! :-) Lyn x


You are welcome. Great progress you are making and thanks for all your hard work. Sorry I missed your first post about this xx Take care and have a nice Christmas x


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