test results, and still confused

at last i've managed to get tested for t3 levels. it has taken two months of feeling lousy and having hypo symptoms.

i post them as they are printed as i don't understand the various figures.

free t3 .,1 3.10- 6.80mol/l o.30-4.20mu/l

tsh ft4 (kt) overtreated. 0.04 mu/l

serumfree t4 level 25.8 pmol/l 12.00-22.00pmol/l

i have been prescribed strong painkillers to deal with the aching joints etc.and referred to an nhs endo , but told in spite of letter being marked urgent i may have a very long wait. also told it's'hard to tell if i'm hypo or hyper,' as there's so many similarities' also told i need to reduce levo to 100m

i saw gp this morning, with an insurance form for her to fill in, so i can claim the money lost on a cancelled xmas trip to jordan. the fact i've lost the holiday, can scarcely bend to tie a shoelace, am in constant pain and at my wit's end as a result of being caught up in a med dosage problem ( i hadn't even been tested for t3 for months it turned out) ws received with a polite smile and a shrug.

clearly i must see an endo privately, but my faith in doctors is zilch right now. i wasted money ast year on a private endo who upped my dse considerably, only for it to be reduced six weeks later by gp when i next had a nhs blood test,

at present my life isn't really a life, it's difficult getting about,and i'm weary of feeling sick, food cravings, and stairs being a problem. after being offered statins for 'higher then average cholest. was also told this morning it's nothing to worry about and not so high. this after doing a low cholest. diet for past six weeks. i feel i'm going mad and haven't a clue what to believe or how to feel normal. all help /advice welcome, i just feel so damned frustrated and impotent.

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  • I just wanted to sympathise and say that I know how you feel and it is really miserable, isn't it. I hate feeling like this and there is the added uncertainty all the time - is it the menopause/my age/hypothyroidism or a combination of the three?? At 57 I feel as though I am now old and will never feel 'normal' again. My knee pain is apparently arthritis, my shoulder pain the same. I have plantar fasciitis and of course, people who aren't hypo also get this. I find myself blaming my thyroid problems for everything and yet I guess some of it may not be related. I tried upping my Levo from 50 to 75 but quickly felt c**p so went back to 50 and I am now trying T3 as well. Chin up and big hugs and do have a good Christmas x

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