A Plea from the Admin Team

If you are having technical problems or are unhappy with any of the changes to the site, PLEASE can we ask that you report these directly to HealthUnlocked! Thank you!



Technical issues and any matters regarding the design of the site are completely out of our control!

The Admin team find out about these matters at the same time as ordinary members and suffer from the same frustrations as you!

Thanking you for your continued help, support, patronage and patience.

Louise Warvill

Charity Secretary

Thyroid UK

On Behalf of the Admin Team

7 Replies

  • yes with you louise

  • Louise, you keep asking/telling us to inform health unlocked's team of the technical problems we're having. So I informed them on 27 th August 2014 and got no response - zilch, nada, zero, nothing. Not even an acknowledgement.

    I left a voicemail on your office phone today to inform you.

  • Londinium

    There is literally nothing we can do. As an organisation we are in exactly the same position as all the members and, generally, receive the same level of response.

    I only ask/tell you to contact HU because there is absolutely nothing that Thyroid UK or the Admin Team can do to help with design complaints and/or technical problems.

    We have no control over HealthUnlocked's actions and very little communication with/from them.

    They are literally just a company that host a forum, much like Yahoo.


  • Well, that's very disappointing, Louise.

    They purport to want feedback, etc, from users of this site, but when they get it they can't even be bothered to acknowledge our feedback - let alone address the technical issues that we're having. It's so unprofessional.

  • I can only agree

  • They contacted me after I posted, above, re them not responding.

  • Could just be a coincidence as Hugo is now back from holiday... x

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