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I had TT at my local hospital 18 mths ago by a general surgeon.I took a while to recover and still don t feel friend had a partial thyroid removal same hospital same surgeon also took while to recover at her 6week check she was told it was cancer so was referred to a London hospital.last week she had surgery it was a different experience to first op.The anaesthetic was delivered completly differently she felt so much better on recovery she was operated on by a thyroid specialist who was excellent.I told her about taking levo thyroxine on empty stomach but she is not on it only T3 consequently she feels so much better. have we seen the light in this country in treating thyroid? Lets hope so .

I wish we all could be treated by thyroid specialist with a little more understanding on what we go through.

In the small town I live six of my friends have had thyroid removal in the last threee years I mentioned it to the surgeon who operated on all of us buy she said there wasn t any corrolation.Interesting!

On a brighter note merry Christmas to you all

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...a friend of mine recently had her thyroid removed in Greece due to cancer and was put on T3. A few years ago a different friend had the same op but was prescribed T4 by the same Endo. Am wondering if something relevant has permeated the world of Endocrinology - but sadly only a few have read up on the information.....


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