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Hashimotos and taking 5mg of carbimazole to keep thyroid under control, but feel unwell, should I worry?

Hi my doc reduced my dose to 5 from 10 yest after my t4 went from 28 to 19 now to 14 (range is 10-22)

I've definitely caught my husbands cold but starting to feel better but today felt a but feverish again and now starting with sore throat, doc said if felt worse over weekend to go to a and e. But do you reckon it's just the virus? I def don't feel as ill as I did wed/thu but just feel super paranoid. I've been on the carb now for about two months. Thanks in advance x

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Have they tested your TSH too..?



They say to have your white blood cells checked out if you get a sore throat etc when you are on carb. First time I had sore throat / swollen glands I had a test done at the doctor - tell them what you are taking and why you have to be tested you are given a same day blood test no matter how busy they are - my test was fine.

After that I used to get the odd swollen glands that used to come and go and I just waited to see what would happen which was always 'nothing'.

Read the leaflet that comes with your carb or google for the patient information leaflet - it is online. According to Dr Toft's little book on thyroid problems, problems with Carbimazole usually show up within the first few weeks. Whether that is tyre or not I don't know. Be safer to get checked out though, it is potentially very serious.

Should have said I never actually felt ill when my glands felt bad, nor did I have a sore mouth / mouth ulcers.

My pharmacist recommended taking vitamin C when I was taking carb, I take 2x slow release vitamin C capsules every morning, take CoQ10 too.

Hope you feel better soon.


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