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Hello. Can anyone tell what does ESR 53mm/hour in blood means?

Hi. This is in connection with my general inquiry about my father's blood CPR results. He is 60 years of age and is currently have diabetes. Actually he was getting weaker day by day that's why I insisted him to have his blood, urine and stool test. The reports revealed all other things quite normal except ESR 53mm/hour in blood. I want to know what does that mean? And whether it is indicative of any serious disease. Can anyone please advice? And other commonly symptoms include weight loss, decreased appetite, excessive cough, muscle weakness and fatigue. I am extremely worried about his health as he retired the same very year. I am thinking whether he is stressful maybe that's the cause. But I would be thankful if anyone can sincerely advice including any natural remedy that someone can propose?

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It can apparently be a reaction to inflammation. Could this be relevant to him/


Hello taimur, yes ESR is a measure of inflamation as is CRP.crp rises faster and falls quicker than ESR in response to infection/inflamation so if being treated and CRP goes down it shows they are treating an infection with the correct medicines.but it does also give a measure of any chronic inflamation going on in the body. An ESR of 53 is above a normal healthy reading but it isn't THAT high in the big scheme of things.ESR is also a measure of inflamation in the body somewhere but is not specific as to what/where.sorry to hear your father not too well but hopefully it just an infection which along with his diabetes could easily give those readings.hope he is well again soon.


Has your father's VitD been checked? VitD deficiency can cause shortness of breath and the symptoms you describe with the exception of the cough.


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