Quick Case Study Needed!

Thyroid UK has been asked to find a case study - a woman aged 20-60 who has had an illness show up in her nails.

Hyperthyroidism is known to cause problems for nails so perhaps someone would be interested in having a very quick chat with this journalist?

It's literally for a couple of sentences and you may be asked to supply a head and shoulders photo too.

It can actually be any illness/condition - thyroid, diabetes, heart problems, anaemia, vitamin deficiency.

If anyone is interested, could you please contact me asap on enquiries@thyroiduk.org and let me have your phone number and permission to give the journalist your phone number.

Thanks! Lyn x

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  • Unfortunately, we did not have anyone come forward for this one and the deadline has now passed..

  • I've just seen this post, sorry, as I would have contacted you straight away, my nails are wrecked since I've been back on carbimazole.

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