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ADD and ADHD and HypothyroidMothers


My daughter had her 4th child 10 years ago he is not only severely allergic to all sorts of foods but also has ADHD/Aspergers

She is shattered to read this website and realise how long it took the medics to diagnose her Hashis hypothyroid

It goes to prove absolutely that hypothyroid symptoms and wider effects even on unborn child occur years before the real symptoms and the stupid TSH and Free T4 tests show

She was only diagnosed Hashimotos 4 yrs ago with antibody levels a massive 4 times above the limit

even now on t3 is far from well

What really gets me is when she was age 16 the Professor who diagnosed her father insisted both our daughters were checked

At that time her antibodies were zero and he said she would not get it

Just goes to show the genetic effect and something all those thinking of getting pregnant should very very seriously think about

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I am so sorry to hear that. It must be heartbreaking for your daughter to know her son's problems might have been prevented. I hope I live to see the disastrous TSH test discredited but somehow I think not. It is so widely entrenched all over the world and will take a whole new mindset to change it now.

I went to see a new endo last week. Too late I found out he will not consider dosing by any symptoms, just TSH. I am waiting for results of tests but even though I am TT, he will not believe my symptoms are caused by low thyroid dose. And he is Head of Endocrinology at a big London hospital and is responsible for training all the new young endos. No hope there then!


Thank you for the post - but sorry to hear about your grandson's problems, there should be more in-depth checks for mums to be.

Don't know if it may help in some way, my grandson, Connor (7), was very hyperactive, ravenous, angry, didn't concentrate for long etc. - my daughter (who recently trained as a dietician) now cooks from scratch, plenty of simple fruit, veg, fish, meat & dairy, she eliminated all drinks with aspartame (leaving some juice, milk or water!), a little sugar is OK, non-fluoride toothpaste and supplements with Vit D. I'm not saying it's a cure but he is much calmer and happier now.

My own thoughts are some of us can't get rid of toxins so we need to avoid them. I did notice a link on the Vit D council website too, my daughter found out she was Vit D deficient and all 3 babies had jaundice too (cure being light therapy). (hugs) Jane :D

here's a link someone posted a while back too, in case it helps

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I'm sorry your daughter has had to go through this. It's heartbreaking to hear that a child could have been affected by the lack of appropriate treatment of the mother and that a child's conditions could have been prevented.

My own son is nearly 10 and is in the process of being assessed for Asperger's syndrome (it seems to be a very long process!) I have always known something was not quite right (she says as he's spinning around on his knees on the coffee table!) but I was fobbed off and told he was just very bright. I do feel a little angry that this could be because of my poorly treated hypothyroidism but I am mostly angry that the medical profession doesn't seem to take this risk more seriously and warn thyroid patients of the potential risks. At least then we would be prepared! I know anger doesn't solve anything but sometimes it can't be helped!

I hope your daughter and grandson get the help that they need. This must be so hard on your daughter. While I can't know how she is feeling, I can empathise a little and wish her all the very best with her son.

Hugs to you all.

Carolyn x


Trouble is i often see hypo women post on forums about their deperste attempts to get pregnant and if i gently suggest they should think very very hard about the genetic consequences they dont like it

i know that had my husband and i known that he would develop thyroid and that it would pass to our daughter and 2 grandsughters we would simply not have had children because i worked with one of the 1st doctors to do RAI when in those days it was an offshoot of the path lab and the suffering of those patients was enough for me to know that thyroid was a tough disease to cope with

what gets me is to this day we have not been able to discover where it came from in his family thanks to lies and secrets


Suggesting people should consider not having children if they have hypothyroidism is ridiculous. I dont regret having my children for one second and i know my daughter who also has the condiition does not regret being born. Whatever next only children with blue eyes and blond hair classed as acceptable


That is not what i said

i just think that with any genetic condition you need to think very carefully what any children might get

personally whilst i love my children and grandchildren i find the suffering and all the years wasted trying to even get my husband well after TT and now all the time with daughter and grandaughter and how darn ill they are is a price i would have preferred to avoid had i known the score especially now with so many endos who simply will not recognise and treat thyroid early enough


with respect,

none of us know what conditions our children may have, inherited or not. We are not God. Life is about far, far more than our physical bodies and although i understand that it must be tough to deal with the physical suffering, i think you will find that no matter what state our health involves suffering. Always.

So PLEASE....stop telling people to consider not having children because we have thyroid isnt helping anyone, and im sure im not the only one who is getting upset by the things you have said. If our children inherit thyroid problems, it isnt our fault any more than we can blame our parents for our thyroid problems. Its just LIFE.

My family is full of auto-immune illnesses btw. :)

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I can't believe I have read this. Had one son with severe ADHD, has done exceedingly well considering, adult now with still very busy brain and daughter who finds if hard to concentrate - clever but behaviour problems...feel a bit sick that it is me that could have done this....


You were not to know but its something all aspiring hypo mums should think very very seriously about indeed

my daughters husband has turned out to have Aspergers and is impossible to deal with hence a very difficult divorce after 20 years of my daughter wrongly blaming herself for his behaviour

with 4 kids one of who is hashis and the youngest with aspergers she bitterly regrets getting married to him and wishes she had told us what was happening long ago


True but you try getting doctors to accept that


That's a really fascinating question...


poor woman, if it's any consolation my adult ADHD son failed completely at school, spent a year doing very little (but driving me up the wall) and then turned himself around at College, went to university to study economics (having been unable to do maths all his life!) and now earns more money than I will ever do, has a beautiful girlfriend and many many friends. I am really proud of him but reading about ADHD and thyroid has really clicked things into place... I sent him the link....

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It turns out his whole familiy have ADHD and now there's several kids affected

We just hope the kids do not develop the problems with anger management that the adults have


My daughter is 15 and has aspergers and hypothyroidism (diagnosed a year ago after a long fight) - I am sure that I was hypothyroid before she was born, however it took 13 years for me to get the diagnosis. I understand exactly how your daughter must feel about this but I know if my TSH was tested before I fell pregnant it would have been ‘normal’.

I would suggest that she gets her son tested as my daughters problems were put down to depression and then her aspergers once she was diagnosed but I knew that she was hypo. Once she went onto medication some of her problems improved including her food intolerance.


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