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Why would a Doctor ask for you to make an appointment to see him when asking for a print out of bloods ?

Is this normal please ?

(This is on behalf of a friend again.)

I thought it would be just a simple matter of asking reception for the blood print outs and their ranges, waiting a few weeks, then paying for them if needed.

Was told it was within our rights to ask for them?

Is this what normally happens ?

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Info here which might help:



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Thank you for that linky Louise,

I have somehow managed to ask my question twice on Postings :( (still learning.) I lost my first posting, so rewrote it.

Apologies :)

from Coastwalker (Silly Silver Surfer.)


I wrote a letter and got print out for my blood results from 2009 to presant day ,and this was free of charge .Blood results before that date i was told i would have to pay for,But the ones i got showed how poor my care as been ,and why i have been on a rollercoaster they are worth getting.


You were lucky Lizzy1606 and with costs too, wish ours could have been so straightforward, don't think in this case a letter would have made much difference, have a feeling this Docs visit won't be straight forward. :)


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