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New pain

Iv developed a pain which is kind of in my side and slightly going into my back. The pain is acouple of inches under my rib cage almost in my side, not in my stomach. The area is also painful to touch. As i have been unwell for a while including nausea and loss of appetite i wondered if there could be a connection.

Any suggestions would be welsome.


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I cannot make a suggestion but I think you should go to your GP for a check-up.


Yes, i will that many appoitntments at the moment including endo tomorrow..its exhausting not to mention frustrating. Thanks.


Hi May be gall bladder, autoimmune , there is a connection with thyroid. It does not have to fit the normal pattern.Ultra sound for that. Also could be but pain agony Pancreatitis , not life style but autoimmune., also more referred pain for that. Ultra sound no good, it is a special endoscopy just done at large teaching hospitals, by radiologist.Also for the enzymes the Faecal Elastase test, stool test, done at home. Clear results, specific to the enzymes, comes back idiot proof. Treatment replacement enzymes, creon, 20 mins before any food.

My bet is Gall bladder.

Best wishes,



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