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your expertise required with my blood tests please, some I haven't got a clue about but include ranges!

TSH 0.23 (dropped but feel fine, range slightly out)

T4 18.4 (range 12 to 22)

T3 5.6 in range.

It's the one's below I am not sure about. I think the first is still flagging up I have an immune response going on but that it isn't too bad, which is how I feel! The others I am clueless about and hope crossing fingers they are all fine.... if anyone can enlighten me I'd be very grateful. x

Positive nuclear antibodies - no range given but comment was no significant disease association

Anti DSDNa - 7 (range less than 30 is positive and 30 to 50 borderline (no idea what this is)

Ferritin -115 (range for post-menopausal woman 30 to 400)

Vitamin B12 - 487 (range 191 to 663)

Folate 15.6 (range 4.6 to 18.7)

Anti-smooth muscle - negative (no idea what this is?)

Anti Parietal cell - Negative (what's this?)

Anti mitochondria - negative (not a clue)

anti-LKM - negative (no idea)

Eng screen - negative ( what is this)

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Hi The thyroid results look good and the Ferritin, B12. What is your vit D, hormonal? and have you had a Diabetes test? Hormonal and autoimmune.

I know most bloods having lots weekly but do not know the others either. However, if you put the individual ones in the WEB it will show you.Also obviously OK so not really significant.



Hi Jackie, thanks for replying, had asked for Vit D but did not come back...looked up other results and related to autoimmune illnesses including Lupus.... so feeling bit more confident that treatment I chose is working OK x


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