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Lab results not including reference ranges ....big problem

Its no wonder patients are just quoting single figures for test results

Just ploughed through my grandaughters print outs and only TSH has a reference range which is different between 2 different hospitals

one is 0.5 to4

other is 0.2 to 5.5

No wonder patients are not getting diagnosed

There's not one single reference range on any other test ferritin was flagged at 3 a year ago and her GPs did nothing

It was 33 in Sept and 55 now after 4 months on iron but what is needed for thyroxine to work ?????????????

They refuse to do Free T4 which is totally wrong as TSH must never be relied on

They did not do thyroid antibodies in June despite a request

They only did Thyroid Peroxidase in Sept which of course was very high

Yet they ran almost every other test under the sun ref her joint and muscle pains all of which are negative

The endo has written that NONE of her long list of symptoms has anything to do with Hashis hypo so the poor kid is denied the extra help she should get at University because she must have Medical Evidence that incredible fatigue , not sleeping , joint aches and pains etc etc are coinnected to hashis hypo .................GRRRRRRRRRRRRRR

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Can you not do some research for a really good endo and then ask for a second opinion? I know she shouldn't have to go through this but it will be to her benefit in the end. It only takes one good medic to sort things out - mine was an anesthetist would you believe - so tell her to keep fighting, but most importantly to do her research before she goes to the GP's to ask for a second opinion.

Some endo's are as knowledgeable as GP's regarding thyroid issues (which is nil) and it looks like the poor girl has seen one of these. So sorry she is having such a bad time of it.

Moggie x


the one really good one does not even want to provide an appointment on NHS and simply cant afford to go privately


Sorry to hear, personally I'd write a letter of complaint as it goes down on record. Hopefully will do the trick.


Ist appt with the really good endo on NHS is August 2014 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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