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Meaning of Results

I everyone I posted last week, I'm new to the site and gave a brief history of symptoms.

I just wondered if anyone can help with results I've had. I have an Endocrinology appointment on Wednesday and I'm armed with notes like you wouldn't believe, highlighted and all sorts but to be honest I'm worried I'm going to get over looked (as I am with my GP) because my ranges are in the "normal" range. I have symptoms of Hyper and Hypothyroidism and parathyroid symptoms.

September: TSH 0.77 FT3 & FT4 not tested.

November: TSH 1.29, FT4 13.6, FT3 4.2, Calcium 2.66 (mmol/L) Calcium corrected 2.54 (ranges 2.10-2.55 mmol/L) so still high end when corrected

December: TSH 0.520, FT4 16.9, Calcium 2.56, PTH 32.2

I'm currently in Sydney and due home to UK end of Jan and I know the calcium ranges would be way high if these tests were done at home.

If anyone has any thoughts, always appreciated.

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hiya 'essex' , if you post the ranges that the lab use -- as most labs seem to use differing ranges it would help to assess your results ...alan


Try this for all things parathyroid - I found it very helpful.

Moggie x


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