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What type of hypothyroidism do I have?

Just got copies of all my blood tests from the beginning. My autoantibodies result was

1:102400 does this mean I have hashimotos?

I've been treated with thyroxine for years and now take 125mcg daily although my GP says I am over medicated my last results were

Serum free T4 20pmol/L. Range 9.00 - 25 pool/L

Serum TSH <0.05 Range 0.30 - 5.00 miu/L (ideally aim to normalise TSH

Should I reduce my Thyroxine? I struggle with weight loss and tiredness and aching joints.

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Hi If anti bodies positive, certainly means you have autoimmune thyroid disease, probably Hashimotos but could be Graves too. If Hypo does not really matter for the treatment for the thyroid. Your T4 is high, more importantly what is your Free T3? It is possible you are not converting enough of the T4 to FT3, which often happens, However, with a low TSH, T3 taken would lower it more. You certainly need tests for the 3 thyroid main things together. If GP cannot do the FT3, possibly you are willing to get it done "on line?" To coincide with when having the TSH, and T4 done. Or all three on line.We do not worry too much about TSH,lots of evidence of this. However, some docs are absolutely set on it.

As sounds like autoimmune, are you sure you have had the other relevant test? I would think they could be the contributing factor. Autoimmune and hormonal, Diabetes ( similar symptoms), B12 + Foliates, 12 needs to be high in range.

Also hormonal vit D, if low , corrected calcium before treatment. Also iron/ferritin needs to be clearly in range.

Best wishes,


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Hi, according to my gp, who is very good, only 20% of autoimmune hypothyroidism is hashimotos so even if you have autoimmune hypothyroidism it is only going to be hashimotos in one person in every 5 , you need to clarify with your gp if it is hashimotos or not.

Hope that helps


Thank you so much for responding. I am finding it difficult enough with my GP (known him for years!) when I asked for copies of these results, he called up and asked me why I wanted them, that I knew I was 'over' medicated as we had agreed I felt better on more levo and that these self help groups give you all sorts of things to worry about like osteoporosis for example!! I certainly do not feel as well these last few months as I have done for the last few years. Tiredness, aching joints, walking into table corners and generally slower. But when i go and see him he says that I am over medicated, so end of subject and it's just 'life'!!

I am thinking about going to see another GP in the same practice, a new younger one, might have more luck? Either way I need to understand all of the information on here, which I don't at present. I did have my B12 done but he didn't include that test in the ones I asked for so will have to ask for it again!

Can I clarify the Free T3 is the most important result out of the 3 as it is more accurate?

If it doesn't really matter what I am eg Hasimotos or Graves, then why are they different diseases with differing symptoms? My GP just said I was hypo I've never had a diagnosis. I have found out so much more using this site it's unbelievable. I'm going to try baking my own gluten free bread now and now I understand why I have tummy problems sometimes and have to take lansoprazole daily.

Thanks guys, appreciate your help.


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