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Thyroid Symptoms but negative results, previous chronic Vit D deficiency HELP!

Hi Everyone,

Really hoping someone can help here....

I have been previously diagnosed with a chronic Vit D deficiency which I take 20,000IU 1/per week I have been on this medication for over 2 years and alas cured my vit d symptoms and no problems at all until recently.

It started with dry eyes, a sensitivity to light, then my hair started to fall out in huge clumps when I would wash it and the most horrendous exhaustion I'm sleeping between 10-12 hours everynight and I can hardly tell, I then started developing pins and needles in my feet and legs more recently. I've also been told on numerous occasions that I have a racing pulse. I didn't put any of these symptoms together until I went to the GP who thought my thyroid was playing up. After some research I was convinced this was the problem.

Got my results today:

TSH 2.03 (0.3-4.2)

Free T4 13.2 (9.0-23.0)

Grrrrr! apparently I'm fit as a fiddle, which is clearly not true. Only test that came back positive was a high platelet count. I am still waiting on Vit D test results. I have an appointment with endo next Saturday to see if he can decipher what on earth is wrong with me.

Can anyone shed some light?


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Hi Well not much idea. However, vit D is normally needed for life, unless corrected calcium goes over range, then it has to be reduced and stopped if Calcium still over range. I am now in that position.With low D, it is normal, like me, to have adult rickets. The worse symptoms are really painful legs especially at night and terrible going up stairs. crawling!

Vit D is a hormone so it is possible that it has effected the thyroid, it is known to. I would make sure Endo (or you) gets a Free T3 test for the full picture.It is possible but unusual to have a temporary problem with thyroid disease., depending on the cause. Your T4 would be considered low if on treatment, if not on treatment then OK. Vit D and all hormonal problems are looked after by an Endo.. Also electolytes and other bloods

If you feel well, that is the biggest guide.

Best wishes,



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