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Is it normal to have quite a few symptoms yet have normal blood test results while having an enlarged thyroid and lumps??

I had an ultrasound about 3weeks ago due to having two cysts on the right side of my neck and was told that my thyroid was enlarged and that there is some nodules (if thats the right word for them) on the right side of my thyroid, i had blood tests done on monday and got the results today saying that everything is normal, just a little confused about what is normal and why i have lumps and an enlarged thyroid and is it just a normal part of life

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I was told there's lots of people (including the registrar's Mum) walking around with nodules. Next time I had a fine needle aspiration (FNA aka biopsy) and they wanted to op (but mine was a single nodule not multinodular, single ones are more likely to be 'dodgy').

IMHO (from reading a lot) the thyroid can 'grow' to compensate for low levels of hormone (so blood tests will be within 'normal' limits). If it's affecting your breathing then they may operate. Ask for a FNA anyway (- uncomfortable but didn't hurt). In hindsight I could have asked for a trial of medication (hormone) it can help in some cases (so I've heard only).

Please post your blood test results (with ranges) for folks to comment. We don't believe 'normal'!

Meanwhile you could make sure irons, ferritin, folate B12 and Vit D aren't low/deficient too - they're all needed in the mix. Hope this helps a bit J :D


Thank you, im waiting for an appointment for a FNA the dr said it would be within 2weeks, is this a normal procedure even if my bloods are "normal"


I think so - best get nodules checked out anyway, not everything shows up in blood tests. J :D


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