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can anybody tell me about adrenal support supplements and is it ok to take with levothyroxine ?

hi everyone i think iv finally found the problem to why im not getting better from hypothyrodism and i think its my adrenals are struggling and need to be sorted im sending a 24hour salvia test off to check but i think iv cracked it thank goodness!. thankyou to everybody that has taken the time to reply and support so far i could not of kept going without you and got this far so hopefully my final question to you is

what is the best help for adrenals to get them sorted whilst on levothroxine 100mg should i consider supplements like nutriadrenal or the perscribed cortisol i obviously wont be going ahead until these results come through but has anybody got any expereince of adrenal problems and what helped them?

thanks so much


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What you take will depend on what your cortisol results are. If you have very low all day you might consider glandular supplements and/or hydrocortisone. If you have a mixture of high and low you will be looking to even out your cortisol levels with adaptogenics such as ashwaghanda or rhodiola or liquorice. If you have high cortisol you will be looking at lowering it with, for example, holy basil.

Dr P is your man. He's good with adrenals. He often recommends stopping or reducing your levo for a few days to give the adrenal support a chance to start working. His contact details and clinic dates are here If you can't get to a clinic he does postal and telephone consultations.

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thanks rosetrees thats brilliant and the contact details even better your a star my doctor and endo are no help so im having to sort myself out thanks again for taking the time to post its really appreciated

sara x


I had fatigued adrenals - cortisol slightly low at times and low DHEA. For this, with Dr P's help I found that Nutriadrenal extra, in conjunction with dietary changes and rest really helpful - my adrenals improved markedly (see Dr Wilson's book - Adrenal Fatigue - it has lots of useful information). More recently, I have suffered adrenal suppression (due to a drug prescribed for another condition). My ASI test (done privately) showed cortisol completely flat and about one third normal levels. It took some persuading, but I've managed to get my GP to refer me to an endo who is going to run a short synacthen test to check if it really it is suppression - if so, no doubt he'll prescribe me hydrocortisone. Hope this helps.


thanks xanthe really helpful im trying to sort a appointment with dr p i hope you get sorted sounds like your on the right track hope you fell brghter soon



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