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New. TSH 1.1 no other thyroid test done, family history, hypothyroid 'symptoms' HELP

Hi, I am just wondering if i could have some help on my next course of action.

I have a family history of thyroid issues (mum, grandma and aunt all on one side of the family have hypothyroidism and my aunts(the one just mentioned) daughter has hyperthyroidism)

for a while now been having symptoms of thyroid issues (exhaustion, slowing mental functions, slowing reactions, slowing digestive functions, scalloped tongue, generally feel like im constantly in slow motion) and my mum said to get my thyroid tested. i had it done about 5 years ago and got told that everything was normal. at the time didnt think to ask for the actual results in figures and i am guessing only TSH was tested.

Had another test done this past week (amongst other tests due to recently being diagnosed with hypertension) and my TSH levels came back at 1.1. TSH was the only levels to be tested.

What can i do now? I really can't go on feeling like this. Can i request a more in depth test to be done on my thyroid (T4 and T3 levels for one)

also have to have further tests on my kidneys due to a raised level of microalbumin in my urine (possible indication of kidney damage) could this also affect my thyroid results?

sorry for the long post!

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oh and just an FYI all my other results from my tests were:

sodium - 142

potassium - 4.8

blood serum urea - 6.3

blood serum creatinine - 78

urine microalbumin - 5.1

my blood glucose levels weren't available when i rang.



Unfortunately most gp's wont do any other thyroid tests beside the TSH if not diagnosed, then it can be a battle for them to test FT let alone FT3 after diagnosis!!!

I waited 5yrs until i couldnt take it anymore and saved up and paid genova diagnostics for a full thyroid profile which showed my failing thyroid. I was then reffered to a hospital specialist who reluctantly diagnosed me.

Are you able to pay for other tests? They range from around £30 for individual tests to around £100 for a group of tests.



My mum was diagnosed after asking fir further testing, her tsh levels were 3.7 with the range being 0.5-4.5. She has a few other health issues so I don't know if this helpedher case wwith getting the t4 and t3 tests.

Is it worth mentioning this? I'm back at the doctors on Wednesday and want to be prepared. I'm feeling rubbish and have done since the birth of my youngest 2 years ago so want it sorted.

Thank you for your reply.


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