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i am thinking of taking l-methionine supplement . I wondered if anyone had experience ; side effects ,benefits,tips on taking,best brand

I am hashimotos . very high tpo . taking liothyronine only . dropped thyroxine coz not converting it to t3. bought paul Robinsons book to convert successfully . I am a lot better but have bad weeks . I take most supplements he does but I have not started l-methionine . There is not much info on it in the book , this site brought me to have my t3 tested . I was shocked to find I was a non converter of t4 to t3 . so I owe this discovery and hence the improvement in my health to this site . so thankyou . xx

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I ike this website for information (it seems to be mainly aimed to blokes trying to put on muscle but it has some good information)

I have been thinking of taking this but havent yet. It supports metabolism.



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