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dr skinner plaque

i was looking for the post that one of you girls put on LYNs post about our lovely dr skinner but i cant find it. i am sure she said that we should have a commenorative plaque or similar? to remember him by. she offered £50 TO START IT, I AM SORRY I WAS WINGINGI THRU THE CONDOLENCES AND I CANNOT FIND IT. sorry caps on.. i agree with that lady as it would not just be in DR SKINNERS honour but a sock in the mouth-- a punch in face, for all those mean uneducated jeolous endocrine ''experts'' dr weetman types.. plus the GMC. if we had a plaque of his face, name and words ddepicting th e level of his knowledge, consideration and dedication and how many lives he saved,------ i wasnt allowed to see him, altho i had a letter to go , but th e head of practice in my surgery refused and cancelled the letter that anothe rdoc wrote for me, so i had a blazing row and left and was so dreadfulli ill after for 3 years. I WILL GLADLY DONATE TO GETTING A COMMEMORATIVE PLAQUE SO HE CAN GO DOWN IN HISTORY SO EVERYONE CAN SEE WHAT A WONDERFUL INTELLIGENT DOCTOR/MAN HE WAS. AND I WILL LOVE TO SEE THE CRINGEING OF THE GMC AND THE LIKE.. bless dr skinner, he was too good a man to just donate to his funeral, i would rather put my money to a lasting plaque for him. GMC hounded him , never gave him rest.

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Let his family cope with their grief and us get over the shock too, and yes, let's have a memorial of some sort that prompts anyone seeing it to ask what he stood for and why it is so essential to continue.


I agree, I think a plaque for Dr Skinner is a wonderful idea. He has helped so many of us with his wonderful work and kind heart. I am still in shock with this very sad news. Do you know how much we will need to raise? Has anyone got any ideas on how to raise funds for this? I don't know how much could be raised in donations. Do you think we could get the media involved some how?


i hope so whacky cos i havent a clue but i would like to see recognition for him .


Please see Lyn's post on this:


Pettals- It was probably my post you saw proposing a working memorial fund for his family, if needed.

I have and will continue to contribute to other moves on the recognition of his work and fight for Thyroid sufferers.

I do think Thyroid UK is in a prime position to do this with the knowledge already in house if the resources can be arranged to do this.

A plaque is a good idea, if it can be well placed, but a higher profile approach would have more impact on the whole argument of patient diagnosis & care and needs to take the family into account -when the time is right..


teqz it was agirl ithin k she offered £50 to start it unless that was you..........


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