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Interpretation of Blood Tests please?

I have now got a copy of the first 2 test results. The 3rd result seems to have disappeared so I have asked for another blood test to be done, but in the meantime:

1st test: TSH 0.02, T4 50.2, serum free (whatever that means) 26.5. TPO antibody positive.

2nd test, 1 month later after starting carbimazole, TSH 0.13, T4 16.4, serum free 8.2. Triiodothyronine level. States 'much improved'.

It would have been good to have known the results of the 3rd test to see if the levels were being maintained, but as I said, I have booked in for another blood test so will post it as soon as I get the results.

How do my results compare and what do they really mean please? Does this confirm Graves?

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Sorry you had no replies - people tend to get a better response in the Questions section.

It would also be helpful if you had the reference ranges for the tests, although it does appear that things have been improving since you started carbimazole.

They don't appear to have re-measured the antibodies and this is the part that would confirm Graves diagnosis.

How are you feeling?




Thanks Louise. At my own request, I am having another blood test done on Thursday. My GP told me last time to come back in 12 months but having found this site I realise that's not much good. When I get a third test I will post on this site and see if users can interpret how I"m doing. I will then push to see an Endo. I really would like to know for definite if it is graves I've got or a temporary glitch.


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