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Guidance on cholesterol levels and Blood pressure, please

Diagnosed with autoimmune disease following BC and treatment in 2009. Originally on 50 mcg Levothyroxine, upped in Jan 2011 to 75mcg. Moved north later in 2011 and saw Endo locally for a while. Noticed my cholesterol was rising - peaked in 2012 to 8.3. Blood pressure was also in the high category. Went on Statin and BP tablets about a year ago. Back with GP now. Stopped statins earlier this month as I am not happy with taking the drug. Now take Vit B5 - Pantethine instead. GP has increased my levo to 100mcg. My main query is - to what level is the thyroid affecting my BP and chol? I am making lifestyle changes to that my GP cannot use them to rule out the thyroid issue. Thank you - await replies.

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A higher cholesterol level is another clinical symptom of hypothyroidism, which should reduce when you are on optimum levels of thyroid gland hormones. Get a print-out of your latest thyroid gland blood test results, with ranges, and post on a new question if you haven't them to hand at present. We are entitled to copies for our own records.

Studies have been done and if you cursor down on this link to:-

The effect of L-thyroxine replacement therapy on lipid based cardiovascular risk in subclinical hypothyroidism:-


These tests were taken before thyroxine was given and again 6 months after thyroxine was given. The patients with SCH had significantly higher levels of TC and LDL-C. After six months the TC, LDL-C levels and the TC/HDL-C ratio were reduced significantly. In conclusion, even mild elevations of TSH are associated with changes in lipid profile significant enough to raise the cardiovascular risk ratio, and these changes are corrected once the patients have been rendered euthyroid.


Thank you..... My test result earlier this month was 2.27 TSH (ref range 0.35 - 5.5) which is why I requested an increment in Levo. She wishes to do another test in about 8 weeks time. I also found a paper from the American Heart Association about thyroid issues and its action on diastolic blood pressure, have you seen this? I am trying to find it again...... Guess I need to wait and see what my next blood test shows? Any thoughts on the current level?


Short and sweet:

150mcg Levo, Cholesterol 4.7.

100mcg Levo, 8 weeks later cholesterol 9.7.

Next question?

Yes, my GP DID try to convince me that I had Familial Hypercholesterolaemia, and gave me statins (which made me bedridden) until I told him to put the horrible things where the doesn't shine, and give me proper thyroid treatment.

He never did, so I went private and gradually increased again to 125 but I am now on T3-only. At the last test, in June, cholesterol had gone back down to 6.2 - yes, there IS a direct correlation!

I do hope you can get sorted.

Marie XX


Thx Marie, I am hopeful that my GP is willing to learn with me.....she seems responsive. Somehow, I don't think they will put me on T3. As you know, they use Levothyroxine as the 'gold' standard and there is always the 'funding' issue now they are CCG's along with the fact under the NHS they do not seem to approve of NDT. Confess not quite sure about T3 only..... is that private only??? Another question please........ what is the relevance of not taking the tablet before a blood test? I usually take mine in the morning. Thx once again

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