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Hello thyroid surgery is safe do I have to worry about my sister I'm scared!

Today I went with my sister to the nuclear clinic the dr saw my sister and diagnosed her with graves he made a blood test but the results will be ready after three days he said that her thyroid is 60 gram and in this case the surgery will be better than the radio iodine sister is very sick now and her heart beats too fast she will start the medication after the blood results shows up .. And he said the thyroid rate should be normal before starting the surgery you think that surgery is safe and good for her please tell me ?!

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My sister in law had a total thyroidectomy forty years ago, she was in her twenties and had a cyst on her thyroid they left it for a year because she was breast feeding then it turned out to be malignant. She also had some radiotherapy afterwards because it was cancer.

She is an incredibly active person, hiking, rock climbing, mountain biking, sailing etc and has always worked full time. She and my brother have retired now and are sailing around on their yacht. She takes thyroxine so she comes home to stock up, see the family then heads off again, so once your sister is fixed she could have a very good life ahead of her. Yes they like your thyroid to be ok before they operate. Hope everything goes well for you both.


I had my total thyroidectomy 18 years ago when I was 22 and I have lived a 'normal' life. Mine was due to graves an I had an enlarged goitre. My levels at the time of diagnosis were really high. I have never regretted having it removed and other than a recent op to have nodules removed my thyroxine levels have remained the same all theses years, other than the odd change for a short term. Good luck x


I had a total thyriodectomy in 2012. I had a goitre for many, many years. It will be fine.


Hi I had mine removed this year (2013) & I can honestly say the worst part of the operation was the pain in between my shoulder blades…caused by how they position the neck lol other than that it was a cruise

Afterwards it may take time for levels to normalise but this site will help her through that I've found it a blessing


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