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Responsive GP or Endo in the Tunbridge Wells area?

Can anyone recommend a doctor who may be more responsive to allowing me to try a natural alternative to Levo? ... or at least one who seems to know more about it ... I don't want to have to go private but I will if I have to.

By reading these posts it even seems like a lot of Endos won't even go the natural route. While I am 'normal' it seems I would never be referred anyway.

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I am sending you a PM


I understand the endo for that area is brilliant but that the local clinical commisioning group have refused to fund even existing patients getting ndt on the nhs


well that is just pants ...

I do know e.g. Armour is prescribed in my area (though perhaps privately) as apparently a regular prescription is fulfilled at a local chemist and by a GP in my practice (but clearly not mine ...) need to do more digging


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