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anyone in need of a cuddle ?

if there is anyone out there that is in real need of a cuddle please check the 'pinned post site --on the right of the screen -- and check out the auction for the 'STEIFF ' cuddly fluffy one [ your choice of 5 ] .......its a brand new steiff collectable ......lets get some much needed funds for OUR site and have a lovely cuddle ------ come on all you good people that gain all the help from the people on this site and show them that we really need them -----after all without this site where would WE all be ......if you have any problems please pm louise at admin she may well be able to help thoughts & empathy to all alan kim & the nsllo xxx

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I have a feeling everyone is waiting until the last minute to place their bids Alan. Suspect there could be a few hot keyboards on Saturday morning! :D

Link to the post about the Steiff auction:

Direct link to auction on Ebay:

Please support Alan's fabulous efforts to raise funds for Thyroid UK :)


we can only but hope .... but it don't hurt to remind people with a little jolt occasionally .....WE WILL GET THERE ------ some may have missed it earlier !!! [ I have a follow up idea anyway ---- I will get some funds in if it crucifies me --- LoL alan xx


Absolutely Alan!


go for it Alan - what is there to lose? (((hugs)))

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