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My GP will not prescribe any medication apart from betas until after I see an endo. Is this normal? How long does it take to see an endo?

I have had no energy, itchy skin heart palpitations and anxiety for over a year, I only visited my GP when my hair started falling out. I didn't go sooner as in the past I have visited a GP with similar symptoms and was told it was depression and stress and sent to a therapist.

My GP ordered blood tests, wasn't convinced, had to ask him to check further ordered more detailed tests, I don't remember the exact levels but I remember my TSH being <0.05. So he decided that I had an auto immune related hyperthyroid, prescribed beta blockers (which help but make me really tired) but will not prescribe anything else to help with symptoms until after I see an endo specialist. Even though I've been told now it's NOT in my head and I can relate to a lot of the stories on these forums, I still worry that I'm being dismissed like I was before.

I have enough energy to perform my duties at work but have watched the rest of my life fall apart because I don't have the energy for anything else. It feels worse knowing whats wrong but living in limbo waiting for solutions.

I've thought of reducing my hours at work so until I can try and get a handle on everything, but I don't know if that's jumping the gun before I see a specialist.

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I was referred to the consultant as soon as hyper was diagnosed. Seen him about 8 weeks later, but I may of been able to wait for treatments others may differ.


Same here but I waited three months to get to meet the endo. My GP prescribed anti thyroid drugs as soon as my results came in and showed I was hyper with antibodies. Endo doubled the amount after my three / four week retest then thyroxine started after I met the endo in February.

Sure someone on here said that in Scotland where she lived she had to wait until she got to meet the endo before she was prescribed anti thyroid drugs so maybe prescribing policy depends on where you live.

I cut back on work in the beginning - well I work part time and do sessions (not paid a huge amount so it didn't make an enormous difference!) I had completely lost confidence in being able to keep up with very early starts and having to be responsible. I was back feeling like working again by Easter though. Stopping work, relaxing and treating myself kindly really helped me I think.

Amazing how you can go from an all in your head 'hypochondriac' to someone who is quite ill in one blood test results are known - know what you mean about watching your life fall apart too. Hopefully once your treatment starts you will feel loads better in no time :-)


It is a relief when you are finally diagnosed with something, as we know we are unwell. I don't have hyper but I would have thought your GP would have prescribed something but maybe he is unsure himself. Beta-blockers will keep your palps down a bit and I hope you see someone soon. Always get a copy of your blood tests (complete with ranges) from the surgery for your own records and you can post the results if you have a query.

Someone who is hyper will give you some information.


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