Hi diagnosed in feb 12 , had to finish work in feb 13 . Taking NDT,allergic to thyroxin, selenium and vit d . Returned to a new job in Aug

Gone slowly backwards at my new job , can't focus , concentrate , comprehend , mentally slow ... Low mood , Compromised as feel as if I'm going to loose my job , which means will loose my house . On a fixed term contract till April , don't know what to do . Having a blood test today to check everything out . Sorry I have hypothyroidism ,

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  • Post a copy of your thyroid gland blood tests in a new question when you get them. Also put the ranges. If you haven't had a vitamin B12, iron, ferritin and folate ask for these too. Maybe you are undermedicated.

  • Ok , will do . More worried about loosing my job , as have gone steadily downhill since starting. I commute to London , Tuesday to Thursday from Lancashire so tierdness , and now the cold.

  • If you are not on optimum levels for you it will have a detrimental affect especially as you have long journey now as well. That's a strain in itself for people without health problems never mind someone who is struggling.

  • I know this might sound weird but could you find somewhere in / around London to stay on Tuesday and Wednesday nights to save the journey. There are websites that advertise for Monday to Friday lodgers - just google that and something will come up. The cost of commuting might balance out the overnight costs and you would at least get more rest. It might be enough to see you through to April.

  • I do , stay down tue , weds ... Generally up at 5 to get to the office for 9 , and late back on Thursday , got back at 11.30 ... Just feel as if my brain has gone to sleep !

  • Oh I'm really sorry to hear you are doing that and even that doesn't help. I really feel for you.

    I hope your blood tests today give the medics some ideas to help make you feel better and try not to feel you are on the scrap heap, life feels awful when you are down but hang on in there.

    Would it be possible to do your job remotely even if only for a little while just to tide you over?

  • Yes it makes sense , but I felt so well when I returned to work ,

    But just gone down hill . Very worried as I have to work . Feel as if I'm on the scrap heap !

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