ellarose. the link they sent was rubbish so i have found a fone number channel 4. ....0845-076-0191

i then foned them and said how do we contact the program heath freaks, as i cant get my point across, so she talke d me thru it.. as i didnt know where to click to getthe right box.. so--- here is how..

to get your point across to. DR. corkscrew/closed mind.

google healthfreakschannel4.com

then go to episode 5 click on that and then mor e boxes appear and it says .. send your remedy..... in this lovely box you vent your anger!!!

and it will get to the horses mouth............... yippeee

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  • Pettals,

    They might invite you on the next programme.

  • yes--- may be-- i have sent my gripes off now and i know that it has gone to the actual doctors!!!!!!!!!!

  • I have registered my complaint to the programme. They are all SO negative and cruelly dismissive!!

  • well done ging---- did you use the .remedy box o write it ?

  • I wrote a complaint to them to which they have replied. send me your E mail address and I will send it to you. Ging

  • yes i got one back but if you follow the instructions on the top post you will get the message thru , to th erigh t place. you fill in the remedy box, after clicking on episode 5, and more boxs come up.

  • About the programme. None of those doctors are going to endorse ANYTHING that might have any adverse effects whatsoever even if they think that it might work. The legal ramifications are enormous, it's just a bit of a tease really, the programme is not being honest. The home remedies I have seen endorsed on there so far are ones that loads of people already use with success. I knew about the Duct Tape and Warts one years ago and it's not only Duct Tape its any tight fitting water resistant cover/plaster that doesn't easily come off because it's the complete air exclusion that is the key! Also you have to remember that sometimes people are put on programmes to be deliberately obnoxious, difficult, controversial. That's what makes it watchable and it generates more interest as you can see in this debate....

  • vry true phoebs but she is still an irritating person and it does the soul good to write in.. instead of shouting at the box ,xx xxx

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